Barlby Bridge School Jun 2014

On Monday 23rd June Mrs Herrington brought her KS2 class to Uncleby. It was a lovely sunny day so all the activities were outdoors.

The children set off for the walk down the dale clutching the memory stick that they had brought from school (a twig with elastic bands round – the children attached feathers, flowers, grasses & sheep wool to name just a few items that they collected on the walk)

They had a look at the cattle in the shed and watched Geoff as he put the straw bedding in.IMGP1188

The children looked in the stream it was running very fast and the water was very clear they saw different animal habitats in the little dale and they looked carefully at the different grasses and flowers.

Geoff went past in the Landrover he had all the packed lunch boxes in the back. The children were looking forward to a picnic at the bottom of the big dale.Before they could have their lunches they had some activities to do. They split into groups.

Two groups went pond dipping.. They used the nets to catch the pond life and then carefully transferred it to the tray where they looked at it using magnifying glasses. They were able to identify all of the creatures. There was a lot of excitement when Connor caught a frog and when a dragonfly flew by. They carefully put all the creatures back into the pond before they left.

IMGP1207 IMGP1206 IMGP1210 IMGP1211

Under the trees on the side of the dale the other children were very busy. They were making  molehill sculptures and clay tree sculptures. There were lots of great ideas. The children used anything that they could find to make the features of the mini beasts and clay faces.

IMGP1201 IMGP1198 IMGP1197 IMGP1215

After all that hard work the children were ready for their lunch.

IMGP1217  IMGP1218

Refreshed..  it was time for the walk back collecting more things for their memory sticks and some orange soil for the wormeries which they just had time to make back at the education centre before they went back to school…

Mrs Herrington said “What an absolutely fantastic day”

Back at school the children are going to do a ‘big write’ about the trip and some science work about the pond life.