Beverley Minster School Jun 2014

Mr Bray and Mrs Gerking’s classes came to Uncleby Education Centre on Tuesday 17th June. They spent a busy day doing a variety of activities.

In the morning Mr Bray’s class walked down Manor Farm dale with Mike & Kate . On the way down they completed a stream survey using a ping pong ball, a measuring stick & a stop watch. They wanted to find out how fast the stream flowed. The children walked all the way to ‘billy goat gruffs bridge’ at the bottom of the big dale on the way back Mike showed them a cornfield and explained which crop was growing in it and what it would be used for.



Back at the Education centre Mrs Gerking’s class had divided into three groups and they moved around the three activities.

In the classroom Sandra (from Countryside Learning) showed the children how to make corn dollies. They made one each and were able to take them home.

IMGP1186 IMGP1185 IMGP1177 IMGP1176

Theresa showed the children how to make seed pots from newspaper and then they all planted a seed which they took back to school… I hope they remember to water them!

IMGP1179 IMGP1184

In the kitchen Elaine made bread with the children. They used flour and bread mix that is made from the wheat that is grown and milled on Mike’s farm. The children were able to recall the story of the wheat and its trip from the field to the fork. They kneaded the dough and made it into bread buns then they all ate a bread roll and thought of some super words to describe the bread “yummy, scrumptious, springy, ”

IMGP1171 IMGP1175

At lunchtime Simon brought his gun dogs and they did a super display in the field where the children and adults could watch as they ate their lunch… many thanks to Simon once again..

IMG_20140617_121420 (1) IMG_20140617_121448

A great day was had by all…

Mrs Girking said “It has been a fantastic, informative & enjoyable day”

Mr Bray said ” the day was well organised, educational and a great experience that they would not get within the classroom”