Bugthorpe School Jul 2014

On Wednesday 2nd July 2014 all of Bugthorpe school children came to Uncleby. First to arrive were the Infants, they were very excited. The coach dropped them off in Mike’s farmyard and they walked round to the Education Centre and went onto the veranda… “Ooooh we’re in the sky!” exclaimed one little girl as she looked out at the view.

The coach returned to school to pick up the Juniors. The Infants went into Mike’s field and went on a scavenger hunt.. they had to find a stone, a feather, a flower, a twig and some other things and pop them into their egg boxes. Some boys found a really big ‘twig’ and they wanted to take it and put in the outdoor area at their school.IMGP1227







The juniors arrived and we all went back onto the veranda. The children divided into three groups and they completed a carousel of activities.

Mike told the children about different types of farm machinery and showed them how it worked, they all had a chance to sit on the tractor. Elaine took the children to look at the cattle, sheep (& sheep’s wool), hens, duck & goose.The children asked lots of really good questions and said they had learnt lots of new things.



The other activity involved completing an A-Z sheet with things that they could see, hear, smell, and touch. I wonder if anybody completed the X & Z box!

The children then had a drink and a snack before they went on a walk down Manor Farm dale.


Geoff took the lunch boxes to the far end of the dale ready for when the children got there. They were really hungry and sat down straight away to eat their sandwiches.


Recharged, the children explored the dale, playing in the tall grasses and crossing the stream. One boy took some fantastic photographs of the beautiful scenery.. “I am going to enter my pictures in Bishop Wilton Show” he said.

Finally, it was time to walk back.. The children partnered up, the older children helping the younger ones to fill their memory sticks. They looked really carefully and found lots of different grasses, flowers, feathers, wool and twigs to remind them of their walk. One little boy said  “look this is a bit of the Billy Goats Gruff bridge.”  Perhaps they will write a story using the sticks to prompt them.

The Juniors did some super sketching when the Infants went on the coach back to school. Some sketched the landscape including the sheep. Others sketched the Education Centre showing lots of detail.

20140702_143704As the children got onto the coach they were able to watch the silage bales being wrapped.


A fantastic day of learning and playing in the countryside..