Bugthorpe under 5s May 2014

It was a very wet morning when the Thursday group came to Uncleby. First of all we watched a slide show about Harvest. Mike explained the different processes from sowing the seed to milling the wheat. The children then planted their own seeds in the egg boxes.

IMG_20140522_095447      IMG_20140522_101020

The rain stopped so we put on our wellies and went to see the new lambs in the field.

Then we visited the pet lambs in the shed…

IMG_20140522_113543      IMG_20140522_113533


Farmer Geoff let us watch him put a bale of haylage into the feeder for the bullocks. Freddie said “that was amazing!”  The haylage smells lovely, we put some into the troughs too…

IMG_20140522_114419       IMG_20140522_114717

 Then we went over to Mikes farm yard and he let us all sit in the forklift…


 Polly said ” It was the best day ever!”