Bugthorpe Under 5s Nov 2013

On Friday 15th November children from Bugthorpe Under 5s came to Uncleby Education Centre. They were just 3 or 4 years old.

Lots of adults stayed to enjoy the experience with the children.


We all set off on a walk down to the stream on Manor Farm.





We visited the barn to look at the lambs…                                            The children sang to them!

We continued on the walk looking for treasures. I think everyone found a twig, a stone, a feather and some sheep wool. Only one or two children found a flower though.


On the way back the children wanted to know what the ‘tin box’ was. Mike explained that it was for the lambs to eat from and that the ewes were too big to get in.He showed the children where the food was put in and how the lambs got in to eat it. The children experimented with making different sounds on the feeder, most of them liked the different sounds that they could make, some thought it was too noisy

IMGP0990                              berries-in-hedgerow                                                                           The children saw different berries in the hedgerows.



Just before we went back to the Education centre for lunch we went to Mike’s shed and looked at the cows and calves.

After lunch the children and the playgroup leaders acted out the story of the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff ‘

Then It was time to go home…