Barmby Moor & Garton on the Wolds March 2015

The Year 5&6 children from Barmby Moor & Garton on the Wolds schools came to Uncleby on 16th March 2015. It was a miserable Monday morning but the weather forecast predicted that it would brighten up later in the day.

Cath Inglis had kindly offered to come and talk to the the children about being a ‘real artist’. She did another wonderful demonstration, this time a ‘Hockney style’ landscape painting. The children were amazed and had lots of good questions as well as suggestions of how to improve the painting. Mrs Chadwick who arrived part way through the demonstration found it hard to believe that Cath had ‘just painted’ the landscape in such a short time.


Following the demonstration the children divided into groups.

Farmer Mike took a group of children on a science walk down the dale. The children and adults learnt a lot about the environment, plants and farming. One of the teachers said “How good it was to have a guided talk on a walk through such beautiful countryside”

The next group continued with the art theme and went onto the verandah to do their own landscape pastel paintings. They all produced super pictures and said it was good to draw their surroundings rather than copy a picture. In true Hockney style one of the children did a brilliant ipad painting.

IMGP1552 IMGP1555 IMGP1549

The other group stayed in the centre and worked with Sandra from Countryside Learning to make corn dollies. All the children tried hard, some found it easier than others. Lots of the children said it was harder to do than it looked! However they all had a “Countryman’s Favour” to take home.

IMGP1551 IMGP1554 IMGP1553

Mrs Marsden said “An excellent day with so many cross-curricular links. All the children learn’t so much that could not be taught as well in a classroom. A fantastic setting – even on a dull March day”