Barmby Moor School March 2015

On Tuesday the 17th March the Year 1,2 & 3 children  from Barmby Moor School came to Uncleby

They arrived on a coach and were very excited to get on with their day. The children were divided into three groups.  Farmer Mike took a group on a “Science welly walk” as Mrs Marsden named it! They went down the dale looking at all the different animals en route and learning the names of the male, female & babies. The children listened carefully because later on, when they did a quiz, they could  remember most of them!

The next group went into the field with a little bucket of water each to dampen the mole hill so that they could do some mud sculptures. They made mini beasts using stones, twigs and anything else they could find to make the bodies, wings and legs. Mr Griffiths said ” they were very imaginative.”

IMGP1570 IMGP1565 IMGP1564

The other group stayed in the centre and learnt about where their food comes from.They looked at the different types of corn and what foodstuff is produced from it. Then they watched a harvest power point that showed the process of planting the wheat right through to it being milled and made into flour. Then they all separated the wheat seed from the ear of corn and  put it into the mill and crushed it.


Finally the children played a game. They sorted which food came from which animal.


Another busy day at Uncleby. Mr Griffiths said “A lovely setting with great facilities. Great outdoor learning.”  Mrs Marsden said ” An excellent visit, lots of learning took place in a fantastic environment.” Miss Thomas added  “All staff were very informative and welcoming”