Beverley Minster School May 2015

On Tuesday 12th  May the children from Beverley Minster School came to Uncleby. It was a chilly day so they didn’t waste much time before they started the various activities.
Each class went on a walk down Manor Farm dale. They paused to look at the cattle in the shed. The children asked Farmer Mike lots of good questions about the animals. Like, “How old are they” “What sort are they?” “What do they eat?
IMGP1632 IMGP1634

They completed a stream survey using a ping pong ball, a measuring stick and a stop watch. They wanted to find out how fast the stream flowed.

IMGP1638 IMGP1635

Back at the Education Centre the other class completed three different activities.

Sandra from Countryside Learning demonstrated how to make a corn dolly and then all the children made their own ‘gentleman’s favour’. It was a lot trickier than it looked. However everyone had a corn dolly to take home.

IMGP1621 IMGP1620

Another activity led by Teresa was planting a seed, some planted beans others different sorts of herbs. They planted the seeds in the paper pots that they made from newspaper.

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Finally the last activity was making bread using the organic flour from  Mikes farm. Mike grows the wheat organically and then mills it at his farm. All the children took turns to ‘mill’ the wheat. It was hard to turn the handle of the mini mill.

The children enjoyed making the bread, however they seemed to enjoy eating it even more! ” Yummy, delicious, springy, awesome,nice…” are some of the words they used to describe it.

IMGP1615 IMGP1616

Mr Champion said “The children were very excited and enjoyed themselves immensely,especially the bread making. A real treat with lots of education too.”

Mr Bray added ” It has been a thoroughly enjoyable and educational day for all, including the staff! “