Hempland School – June 2015

On a beautiful day in June the Year 1 children came to Uncleby. They arrived on two coaches and were very excited to get on with the day. A busy day had been planned and they were all keen to get started.

One class went with Farmer Mike for a walk down to the stream. they stopped en route to make ┬árafts using twigs and grasses. Farmer Mike said ” the children had lots of good ideas and really enjoyed sailing their rafts down the stream.”







The other class split into three groups and completed a carousel of activities. In the Education Centre the children learnt about the different crops that Farmers Mike & Geoff grow. They looked closely at the different corn and learnt about what foods are made from them.

The children then turned into ‘combine harvesters’ and separated the wheat seed from the corn heads. They put the wheat into the mini mill and turned the handle to crush the corn. It was harder to turn than it looked!

.IMGP1734 IMGP1733

Another group did some super artwork. They sat or laid on the verandah and drew what they could see. Perhaps we have some budding artists!

IMGP1736 IMGP1735

The other group went on a scavenger hunt and collected various items like leaves, twigs, sheep wool and grasses. They used these things to do some super clay sculptures.

IMGP1738 IMGP1739

Look at their efforts, they have created some really interesting sculptures.

IMGP1742 IMGP1740

At lunchtime most of the children came inside the Education Centre to eat their pack up. This is the first time that everyone has gone inside because it was too hot, usually it is because it is too wet!

Mrs Hearld said ” It was a fantastic visit. The children really enjoyed all the activities planned. The miniature raft building was excellent and the children all made super rafts – which all floated!”

Miss Humphreys said ” Both Elaine & Mike were incredibly welcoming, informative and friendly! Up at the centre we worked with Elaine. The children loved her interesting talk about grains and enjoyed using a mill themselves. I would recommend Uncleby to anyone!”

Another very busy day at Uncleby. Lots of learning,fun and tired boys and girls!