The children from Hob Moor Primary School came to Uncleby on a Monday and Tuesday in June. One hundred and one children came over the two days! They took part in a variety of activities as well as a walk down the dale with Farmer Mike.

On Monday Cath Inglis came and did another ‘Hockney’ style landscape painting with pastels. The children (and adults) were amazed by her talent and ability to produce a wonderful picture in half an hour. Three children added the final touches of a sheep, cow and a tractor.

IMGP1670 IMGP1673 IMGP1675 IMGP1676

Following the demonstration the children split into groups and completed a variety of activities. One group went on a scavenger hunt in the field, another group did some pastel artwork using the surrounding landscape as their focus, and the other group learnt about food and farming.

David said “He would like to be a farmer”

IMGP1719 IMGP1716

On the Tuesday Sandra from Countryside Learning came and made corn dollies with the children, although the children thought it looked easy quite a few of them found it tricky. The children also planted some seeds in a paper pot which they made using newspaper and a tube. They took the plant pots back to school I hope that they remember to water them.

All of the children over both of the days went on a walk with Farmer Mike. They looked at the cattle in the shed and Mike explained how the sheep handling system worked. On Tuesday Farmer Geoff  was fencing and he showed the children how he uses his machine to bang the posts into the ground. He said they all gave him a clap when he had done it!

Lots of learning took place over the two days.

Mr Stevens said ” It was a wonderful and eye opening experience for the children who thoroughly enjoyed it”

Ms Turner said ” A fantastic trip which was well organised and provided the children with fantastic learning opportunities”

Ms Kempf said “Lovely! It was well organised and led with excellent facilities”

They said they would like to come back again next year.