Pocklington Infants Oct 2014 – Year 1

Hedgehog & Mole classes visited Uncleby on the 7th October 2014. Hedgehogs arrived first and they completed a scavenger hunt in Farmer Mikes field. The children looked for a flower, a feather, a stone and several other things. They enjoyed filling their boxes with the treasures.

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Then Hedgehogs went for a walk with Farmer Mike, they looked at the cows & calves in the shed and all the children had a sit on the tractor too. Then they went for a walk through the fields at Manor Farm.


When Moles class arrived they divided into 3 groups and completed a carousel of activities.

One group made corn dollies with Sandra from Countryside Learning. I think they found this a bit tricky. However everyone managed to complete a corn dollie to take back to school. They were very proud of and pleased with their efforts.



The second group learnt about the different crops that Farmer Mike & Farmer Geoff grow and what the different corn seeds are used for. Then they all made a paper plant pot and planted their own seed.



The last activity that the boys and girls completed was making bread in the kitchen. Mrs Wray talked to them about the wheat and how it goes to the mill to make the flour and then she showed them the different stages of making bread… All the children kneaded some dough to make their own bread bun.¬†Finally they were able to taste the bread “yummy, nice, soft & springy” were some of the descriptions they gave.


Another very busy day for the children and adults. Tom said ” that was the best day ever”