Pocklington Infants Oct 2014 – Year 2

The Year 2 children from Pocklington Infant School came to Uncleby on the 6th October 2014… Oh dear it really was a wet day… The first wet day that we had had for school visits at Uncleby.

Mrs Smith said “It was wild and windy… but worth it”

Badger class arrived first. We quickly went to the shed to look at the newly born calves Рthey are only 7 days old!


Farmer Mike had brought a tractor and corn drill to show to the children.He explained to the children how it works, they had a look in the hopper to see where the seed goes and then they had a sit in Farmer Mikes tractor. “That’s awesome” I heard Joseph say when he saw the tractor.

When the Robins and Foxes classes arrived we went into the Education Centre where celebrated local artist Cath Inglis had set up her easel. Cath did a quick demonstration of pastel painting. The children were entranced there were gasps and wows when they saw the badger that Cath had painted.



The children then split into three groups…

Mrs Potter took her group to make some fantastic clay ‘tree’ faces using natural materials foraged from the farm. Some of the children gave their faces names. The boys and girls took them back to school I wonder where they will put them?


Mr Mills’ group used more natural materials collected from around the farm to make collage pictures.



Mrs Smith’s group used the oil pastels like draw an animal. They looked really carefully and added lots of detail. They didn’t have time to finish their pictures so they took them back to school.


Mr Mills said: “Mrs Wray & Farmer Mike were perfect hosts as the children enjoyed participating in a range of activities centred around the natural environment of Uncleby. Despite the dreadful weather the children were engrossed in various activities and we look forward to coming again.”

Mrs Smith said: “Despite the rain the children loved being outdoors and experiencing new things. Cath Inglis was inspirational to watch”

Mrs Potter said: “What could have turned into a disappointing day because of the inclement British weather was rescued by the versatility and ingenuity of the Uncleby team. Sixty plus year 2 children were thoroughly engaged by a range of activities.The visit was an overwhelming success providing a wealth of cross curricular learning opportunities. However the most important thing of all was that the children loved it!”