Sutton upon Derwent School – MAY 2015

On Friday 22nd May the children from Sutton upon Derwent School came to Uncleby. Following the welcome from Mrs Wray & Farmer Mike the children divided into two groups. The Key Stage 2 children went into the field near the Education Centre. Their focus was art and they did some super landscape drawings using a variety of media. Some children did pencil sketches and others used watercolours. There was lots of detail in all of the pictures.     

IMGP1659 IMGP1656

When they had finished their landscape pictures they explored the field and collected a variety of materials to make a fantastic den. Some boys also made a ‘grass sledge’ although they couldn’t manage to get it travel very far!

IMGP1663 IMGP1662 IMGP1661

The Key Stage 1 children watched a slide show about lambing time on the farm and then they watched a short video showing the sheep being sheared. The children had lots of good questions and answers for Farmer Mike & Mrs Wray. Then they all went across the yard to the shed where Farmer Mike had brought a cow and calf and a ewe with her lambs to show the children. The children were quiet and stood still. They didn’t frighten the animals at all…

IMGP1647 IMGP1645

Farmer Mike had also brought down a tractor, the children were very excited to be able to have a sit on it.

.IMGP1654 IMGP1653 IMGP1651

After lunch the children walked down Manor Farm dale, all the way to ‘Billy Goat Gruff’s bridge’ they used a focus sheet to help them spot things along the way like the badger’s sett, rabbit holes, the lightening tree and the bug hotel. When we got to the big dale the children had lots of fun running in the long grass, looking in the stream and generally exploring the environment.

IMGP1664 IMGP1666

On the way back they filled their memory sticks with feathers, flowers, grasses, sheep’s wool, bones and lots of other things. I wonder if they will use them to write a story back at school.

IMGP1667 IMGP1668

Another super day at Uncleby. “An excellent day” said Mrs Fox. The children said it was “awesome, interesting, ace and cool.”