Warter School Oct 2014

On Monday 13th October the Year 1 and Foundation Stage children came to Uncleby.

In the morning Miss Metcalfe’s class did activities in the Education Centre. One group made bread with Mrs Wray in the kitchen. They thought it smelt nice when it came out of the oven and thought of some good adjectives when they tasted it. It’s “yummy, tasty, soft inside, crusty, mmmmm”

IMGP1450 IMGP1448

IMGP1452 IMGP1451


Another group planted a seed with Claire. They found it quite tricky making the paper pots. The children carefully filled the pots with compost and then they planted their seed.

IMGP1470 IMGP1488

IMGP1464 IMGP1500

The third group made some clay faces using the natural resources that had been collected from the hedgerows. There were berries, leaves, twigs, crab apples, grasses and even some wool from the sheep.

IMGP1462 IMGP1458

IMGP1495 IMGP1496

What super clay faces and each one is different!

Mrs Redshaw’s class went outside with Farmer Mike. They went for a walk down the fields to the stream, looking at all the berries and signs of Autumn on their way. On their way back to the Education Centre they had a look at the pigs and turkeys as well as the cows and calves. Finally Farmer Mike showed them his tractor .

Miss Metcalfe said that they had had a great day at Uncleby. She thinks it is a wonderful resource to have available for schools especially with the activities that are appropriate for the age and ability of the children.