Wetwang School Youth Group April 2015

On Thursday 9th April children from the Youth Group at Wetwang School came to Uncleby.

The group arrived bright and early on a beautiful sunny day. The children were looking forward to finding out about life on the farm and in the countryside.

We all went on a nature walk down the ‘big dale’ at Manor Farm. On the way through the yard we looked at the cattle & sheep handling systems. As we walked along ‘butcher’s ridge’ the children noticed various habitats including the ‘bug hotel’ and we talked about who may live there.

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When we got to the stream the children wanted to paddle in it, this made the clear water go all cloudy. The children wanted to know where the stream came from and where it flowed to. A little further along the walk they found some ‘walking sticks’ .

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We continued along the bottom of the little dale noticing the badgers set and the lightening tree. Finally we got to the pond where there were 2 Canadian geese  and some ducks enjoying the sunshine.

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On the walk back we followed the sheep tracks and noticed other habitats like rabbit holes and mole hills. One boy looked down the hole to see if he could see a rabbit!

After lunch we divided into two groups and one group went with Farmer Mike to look at the cows and calves and the farm machinery. Everyone had a sit in the tractor.

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The other group went back to Manor Farm and found out about lambing time. Farmer Geoff explained that when the ewes had lambed he took them back to the farm in the transporter box where he put them in a pen so that they would bond.

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The children asked lots of really good questions and wanted to know all about the different sheep and their lambs.

Finally we went back to the education centre and Sandra from Countryside learning showed the children lots of different corn dollies. She demonstrated how to make a gentleman’s favour, she made it look very easy. When we had a turn we found out it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

IMGP1608 IMGP1606

What a super day.

Mrs Thurlow said “The visit provided the children with the opportunity to learn about farming and the environment from people who kept animals and farmed the land.”

Mr Day said “It was a great day, the weather was ideal and the children were fortunate to experience a full day of practical learning. I am sure this is one trip they will remember for the rest of their lives.”