On Monday 20th June the Year 1 children from Hempland School came to Uncleby. Unlike last year the weather was not so sunny and bright in fact it poured down during the morning. This did not stop the children enjoying the activities and learning about the countryside.

When the children had had a quick snack and explanation of the ‘country code’ they were eager to get on with the day.

One class went with Farmer Mike they went into the shed (because it was raining so hard) and made some rafts using twigs and straw. They went for a short walk down to the stream near the Education Centre to see if their creations would float. They also had a look and sit in one of Farmer Mikes tractors, always a popular activity! The children in the afternoon were able to take their rafts down to the stream on Manor Farm, Mike said the rafts floated better in that stream.20160620_125156

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The other class divided into three groups and completed a carousel of activities.

One group went into the kitchen and they made bread using Farmer Mikes flour. They were able to taste it too and they thought of some super adjectives like “yummy, springy, delicious,” One little girl said “this is the best school trip EVER!”

Another group planted a seed in a newspaper pot. First of all they made a pot and then put some compost in and then the seed. I think they found making the pot a little bit tricky..

IMGP1942 IMGP1941

The third group completed a “Rainbow Colour Hunt” in the field near the Education Centre. They found lots of interesting things and recorded them on their boards.

IMGP1950 IMGP1948





Another successful day of fun and learning was had at Uncleby despite the weather.

Ms Hearld said ” Thanks for a lovely day” and Ms Humphreys said “What a lovely setting! We were very well accommodated even though it rained most of the day”