Hobmoor Primary School May 2016

The Years 3,4 & 5  children from Hobmoor Primary School in York came to Uncleby…A total of nearly 120 children visited Uncleby over the two days! The weather was beautiful and the children were keen get on with their visit. Some had been the previous year and could remember the activities that they had completed and what they had seen. They eagerly told the other children what to expect.

The children divided into two groups. One group went with Farmer Mike for a walk down Manor Farm Dale. They saw the lightening tree and the badgers sett and were really excited to be out in the open countryside and able to explore the environment.

IMGP1887 IMGP1893 IMGP1896

The other group completed a carousel of activities at the Education Centre.Sandra from Countryside Learning showed the children how to make a corn dolly called a “countryman’s favour”. When Sandra was demonstrating some of the children said “oh that’s easy”. However they soon changed their mind when it was their turn! It was a lot trickier than it looked.Even Mr B had to really concentrate…

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The second group activity was to complete an A-Z sheet. They had to use their senses to name things that started with all the letters of the alphabet… the children had lots of good ideas like     c- countryside, v – views, y- yellow flower,b – barking, etc etc. I don’t think anyone thought of something for X!

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The other activity was sketching. The children chose a view from the veranda and drew it! They put in lots of detail and the results were brilliant.

IMGP1880 IMGP1877

There were lots of lovely comments from the children about how beautiful Uncleby is and how much they enjoyed their visit. Isaac said ” He didn’t want to go home and he was looking forward to coming again next year!” One of the children told Farmer Geoff ” that he had a lovely farm and that he looked after it very well” He was really pleased.

Ms Turner said ” Another amazing trip to Uncleby farm. Fantastic organisation and great activities”

Mr Stevens said ” It was a wonderful and eye opening trip for all the children. We would come back every year if we could.”

Miss Kenpf said ” A lovely visit, Mike & Elaine were very helpful and well organised with great facilities provided.”

Mr Kehoe said ” The children loved exploring the farm and benefited from the freedom to walk in the fresh air and open countryside”