Pocklington Infant School – October 2015

In October the children from Pocklington Infants came to Uncleby. The Foundation stage children came on the Wednesday. They took part in a variety of activities including completing a sensory A -Z sheet.They had lots of good ideas and enjoyed a run up and down the hills too.


They looked at the cows and calves and had a sit on Farmer Mike’s tractor. Then they had a walk through the fields looking in the hedgerows for signs of Autumn. Mrs Wray showed them around the farmyard, they looked at the very big combine and Farmer Geoff showed them the trailer that he takes sheep and cattle to market in. He opened it up and they all went in!
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The teachers said ” The visit was a great outdoor learning experience in a safe environment.”

On Thursday the Year 2 children came to Uncleby.They were really lucky because a local artist, Catherine Inglis, came again and this time she painted a landscape picture using pastels. She chose some children to add the birds in the sky and to put the eye on the hare. Then the children did their own artwork, making clay sculptures and drawing the landscape using pastels. Cath thought the children tried really hard and had listened and watched carefully.

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Mrs Snowball said ” Both the children and  adults had a fantastic day experiencing the wonders of nature. The children were able to learn and express themselves in the freedom of the open air.”    Mrs Potter added ” The children had a wonderful time; the artist Cath Inglis had the children enthralled with her landscape pastel painting and they enjoyed doing their own.”

On Friday the Year 1 boys and girls came to Uncleby.They did a scavenger hunt collecting all sorts of things and putting them into their egg boxes.  They collected something short and fat, something that grows, something bright etc. One group found a snail and they looked at it carefully but left it to enjoy living in the grasses.

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They watched a recording of Cath painting the landscape, this helped them with their own drawings. They also learnt about where food comes from, they had a chance to be a ‘combine’ (separating the wheat from the straw)  and to be a miller (grinding the wheat to make flour). They also played ‘pass the bag’ and had to work out which animal / plant the food came from. There was a lot of food on the ‘cow’ sheet.

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The Year 1 teachers said ” The children loved their visit and were all so excited to be on a working farm”.

Farmer Mike took the boys and girls for a walk through the countryside. They looked for signs of Autumn as well as features of different landscapes.

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Each day was different, different children doing different activities… Everyday was fun and the children (and adults) learnt about the countryside, food and farming.