Pocklington Prep School – April 2016

On Wednesday 27th April the Year 6 children came to Uncleby. They arrived in three mini buses on a cold sunny morning.They seemed excited to be in the countryside and ready to find out about farming. Mrs Wray and Farmer Mike welcomed the children and talked about the rules of the countryside.

The children divided in to two groups. One group went with Mrs Wray they walked down the road to Manor Farm. Mrs Wray told them the story of lambing. Showing them the pregnant ewes and describing how they are put into individual pens when their lambs have been born, and that after about two days they are moved into an open area for a few days before going into the field to graze. Farmer Geoff let the children stoke a lamb if they wanted to.

IMGP1861 IMGP1860






When the children had seen the sheep and the cattle in the sheds they got out their ‘memory bags’ so that they could put the things that they found on the walk into them.


When they got back to the farm Geoff told the children that a lamb had just been born. they stood and watched the ewe clean the lamb and were amazed that it only took a few minutes before the lamb was trying to get up and suckle from its mother.

IMGP1864 IMGP1863

The other group of children went with Farmer Mike to look at the cows and calves in the shed. He said that the children had lots of good questions and listened really well.

He also showed them his tractor and drill. The children took it in turns to sit on the tractor.

Even though the sunshine turned to rain and then hail the children had a good day and learnt lots of new things.

Mrs Kennedy said the visit “was a wonderful experience, looking at real farming. Lots of learning taking place with great hosts. Thank you”

Mr Tyrrell said “It was great to experience farming at first hand with loads of information from knowledgeable guides. We really enjoyed it. Thanks”