Sutton on Derwent School Primary School – May 2016

The children from Sutton upon Derwent Primary School came to Uncleby….All 66 of them!

In the morning Key Stage 1 children went on a tour of the farm with Farmer Mike. They looked at the sheep and the cows in the field, then Farmer Mike told them all about his tractor and rake, he showed the boys and girls how he folded it up when he needs to go on the road.

IMGP1909 IMGP1906

Key Stage 2 children went into the field near the Education Centre and built dens… First of all they collected the wool that they would use to make their dens.

IMGP1897 IMGP1905 IMGP1903 IMGP1901

The dens were amazing. There was lots of good team work and use of imagination during the building.

IMGP1918 IMGP1911


After lunch we all went for a walk down Manor Farm dale. We tried to follow the’ I Spy’ sheet. Some of the children were really excited when they found the things on the sheet, like the rabbit hole and the lightening tree.

IMGP1931 IMGP1934 IMGP1927

What can we see?

IMGP1929 IMGP1928

Wow! we made it…. Look at the view…

Everyone, adults and children alike, were weary when they got back to the Education Centre. Farmer Mike and Mrs Wray felt sure that they had had a great day at Uncleby.

Mrs Fox said “It was fab as always” Mrs Rae said It is a fabulous venue, very educational putting what we have learned in the classroom into real life”