Barrowcliff School – May 2017

It was Barrowcliff School’s first visit to Uncleby. It was a beautiful sunny day in May. As the children dropped off their pack ups and went onto the veranda it was lovely to hear their comments….”Oh it’s beautiful , look at the view, Wow this is amazing”

The children split into two groups. One group went with Farmer Mike for a walk down Manor Farm dale. They looked at different habitats and the soil formation. Although it was very warm the children enjoyed the walk through the countryside.

There was a carousel of activities in and around the Education Centre for the other group.

Anna Hare from Country Trust led an activity looking at soil and its formation.

IMGP2457 IMGP2455

The children also did some super mud sculptures and left them on the wall.

IMGP2464 IMGP2463 IMGP2462 IMGP2461

Outside on the veranda the children made pictures using resources from the countryside. There was sheep wool, straw,soil, grasses, flowers, corn etc They made a super job and were very pleased with the finished results.

IMGP2454IMGP2458 IMGP2459 IMGP2460

In the centre Mrs Wray talked to the children about food and farming. Telling the story of “Farm to Fork.” The children really enjoyed separating the seed from the ear of wheat, just like a combine harvester.

IMGP2449 IMGP2449 - Copy

They also had an opportunity to grind some wheat with the mini mill…


Finally they played ‘pass the bag’ and matched the food or clothing to the animal. They said that they had learnt a lot about farming and food.


Mrs Bairstow said ” The centre is well equipped for school parties and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The Deputy said” There are excellent facilities with well planned activities”