Malton Community Primary School – JUNE

It was the third and final visit for the children from Malton. They continued with their Art focus, this time using chalk to draw their landscape pictures. They drew a pencil outline first and the used the chalks to complete the picture. Some of the children remembered how Cath Inglis had blended the colours with her hand and they did the same. Again there were some super pictures.

IMGP2465 IMGP2466IMGP2482IMGP2481


In the afternoon the children completed a carousel of activities. Farmer Mike took the children for a walk in the fields near the Education Centre.


Mrs Wray told the story of ‘Farm to Fork’. The children had a chance to be ‘combine harvesters and Millers’ too.

IMGP2490 IMGP2480 IMGP2479 IMGP2477

Mrs Ring had an Art Attack activity in the hall. The children used the natural resources, found on the farm, to make pictures.

IMGP2493 IMGP2492IMGP2491

It has been a delight to see the children’s art skills develop through the year and to see that their knowledge of farming and the countryside has grown too.