Malton Community Primary School – March 2017

The three classes of Year 3/4 children made a return visit to Uncleby in March. The children continued with their Art focus and they did water colour paintings of the landscape. After being welcomed to Uncleby they all they went outside and did a pencil sketch and then completed a colour wash for the background

IMGP2238 IMGP2252 IMGP2245


Leaving the colour washes to dry everyone went on a walk down Mike’s dale. The children noticed signs of Spring and compared human and physical features in the landscape. We were lucky to see a variety of wildlife including wild geese, deer, pheasants, rabbits and ducks.

IMGP2267 IMGP2266 IMGP2264 IMGP2248 IMGP2247 IMGP2255

After the long walk everyone returned to the centre for their well earned lunches. After lunch the children added detail to their pictures. They worked carefully and produced some super artwork.

IMGP2268 IMGP2262 IMGP2260  IMGP2258

To finish the day the children visited the cow shed to see how much the calves had grown since they last saw them in November. Then they all had a sit on Farmer Mikes tractor.

We had three more super days with the children from Malton School.

Ms Brockway said ” Uncleby is a great opportunity for the children to learn more about nature and looking after / working with the environment” she added  ” the staff are helpful, caring and friendly”

Mr Hardcastle said ” Uncleby is a fantastic resource – run by people who are excellent with the children”