Malton Community Primary School – November 2016

Three classes of Year 3/4 children from Malton CP School visited Uncleby in November.

The first two classes were pleased to be able to go up to the Robert Fuller Gallery. We heard a lot of “oohs and ahhs” from the children.

imgp2132 imgp2130

Victoria explained that there were several cameras set up in the garden so that they could watch the animals in their natural habitat.


The children watched Robert paint in his studio and then he answered their questions. I think he was impressed by the questions and how observant the children were.


imgp2154 imgp2138

The boys and girls got back onto the coach and went to Uncleby. They went on a walk down the dale looking for animal habitats and signs of Autumn. Then it was back to the Education Centre for lunch, everyone was ready for it!


After lunch the children got out their paper and pastels and became artists for the afternoon.

imgp2148 imgp2146


imgp2150 imgp2156


On the third day when Miss Hughes’ class came it was a beautiful sunny November day. Catherine Inglis a renowned pastel painter came to Uncleby and demonstrated landscape painting to the boys and girls. She gave them lots of tips that they could (and did) use in their own work. Catherine asked several children to come out and add to her painting.

imgp2165 imgp2164 imgp2166 imgp2160

Then it was time for the children to have a go! They took their paper outside to draw a pencil outline and then came back inside to colour it in. They all worked really hard and produced some super pictures.

imgp2168 imgp2167

imgp2175 imgp2171

After lunch we had a lovely walk down Manor Farm dale. Looking at habitats, the animals in the fields and the environment. Some of the children didn’t really want to go home they thought it was so beautiful.

Mr Hardcastle said ” It has been a fantastic visit – the children have loved the experience”           Mrs Ring said ” It was a well planned day with excellent facilities”                                               Mrs Penny said ” An enjoyable walk filled with useful information and beautiful views.