Pocklington Community Junior School – December 2016

Mrs Carlisle’s class came to Uncleby on a very wet Thursday in December. Most of the children had been to Uncleby when they were at the Infant school. They were very excited to be back.               Catherine Inglis was ready to meet the children and show them how to capture the local landscape with pastels. She gave the children lots of useful tips and encouraged them to help her.

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Catherine stayed and guided and supported the children as they completed their own pictures.

imgp2189 imgp2186 imgp2185 imgp2192

The children were inspired by Catherine and by being in the environment that they were drawing. They produced some super work.

imgp2194 imgp2191

After lunch the weather had improved so everyone went for a walk. Stopping along the way to discuss what they could see. Again the children asked some really good questions.

imgp2199 imgp2197 imgp2196

The boys and girls kept asking “can we go further?”… despite the drizzle.

Mrs Yates said “It had been a very enjoyable day”