Pocklington Community Junior School – February 2017

On two wintry days in February the children from Pocklington Junior School came to Uncleby.

On Thursday,Farmer Mike and Mrs Wray met Miss Ridlington’s  class at the Robert Fuller gallery. Everyone enjoyed looking around the gallery ( many thanks to Robert and Victoria once again). Robert showed the children some of the  paintings that are not yet finished as well as answering any questions… He also showed them a weasel run that he has made and will hopefully be on the BBC One Show… Keep a look out for that!

20170209_102705 20170209_102348    20170209_10124120170209_100719

When the children got back to Uncleby they spent the rest of the morning sketching animals.       We think there are some budding artists!

IMGP2211 IMGP2209 IMGP2206 IMGP2212

On the Friday, Cath Inglis came to Uncleby once again. As always she was an inspiration to the children. The boys and girls watched Cath and listened carefully to her ‘tips’. Some children volunteered to help her finish the painting.

IMGP2218 IMGP2222 IMGP2219 IMGP2225 IMGP2223 IMGP2220

The children then did their own landscape sketches. Some looked through the window,              and drew what they could see.

IMGP2226 IMGP2227 IMGP2230IMGP2231

After lunch on both days the children went on a walk to Manor Farm dale. Farmers Mike & Geoff told them about the animals that they saw and answered any questions that the children had.

IMGP2215 IMGP2214 IMGP2213 IMGP2232 IMGP2236 IMGP2234