Pocklington Community Junior School – October 2016

On Friday 21st October the Year 3 children came to Uncleby. They have been learning about different artists and landscape painting. The children sat on the veranda and looked at the landscape that surrounded them. They used pencils to draw an outline into their sketch books. The children looked really carefully and put lots of detail into their pictures. Then the children went indoors and added colour to their pictures. The children were inspired by the environment and did some super pictures.

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After lunch the children went for a walk down the ‘big dale’ all the way to “Billy Goat Gruff’s bridge”. They looked for different signs of Autumn and nature as they went. Some children took pictures with the ipads to record their visit.They also went to see Farmer Mike’s cows and calves and had a sit on his tractor.

imgp2088 imgp2087 imgp2086

Mrs Lane said ” Uncleby is the perfect setting for children to study aspects of our landscape whether this is through art, agriculture or other areas of the curriculum. Our school will visit Uncleby to study the landscape through the different seasons”.

Mrs Childs said ” We have had a great time. The children really enjoyed the art work and it was good to see the farm and the animals”.