St Anthony’s Primary School – Hull

The children from St Anthony’s Primary School in Hull came to Uncleby. It was the first visit from this school so we were all very excited. Sandra from Countryside Learning had organised the visit. We all went for a walk with down Manor Farm dale. We looked at the sheep and different habitats along the way. we found several ant hills, lots of mole hills, a badgers sett, rabbit holes etc etc We kept stopping and talking about different elements of the countryside that we walked through. When we got right to the end of the dale everyone was silent and listened and looked all around them… we heard different bird, the sheep, the water in the stream and lots more… The quote of the walk was ” This is awesome!”

IMGP2364 IMGP2371 IMGP2368 IMGP2365                          After lunchthe children split into three groups and completed a carousel of activities. Mrs Wray made Funny face Biscuits with the group in the kitchen. The children were ‘millers’ and ‘bakers’ they enjoyed learning about Farmer Mikes flour and porridge oats. They also enjoyed tasting the biscuits at the end. There were lots of adjectives like delicious, nice,fabulous,tasty,oaty,yummy, etc etc

IMGP2393 IMGP2400 IMGP2403 IMGP2397IMGP2380IMGP2402

Sandra from Countryside Learning led a super activity called Colours in the Countryside. First of all the children looked outside for ten different things like a paper coffee cup, a pipe, a birds nest etc. There was lots of discussion about whether they should or shouldn’t be there.. Then the went inside and looked at some camouflage pictures and talked about the different colours. finally all the children had an opportunity to do a scratch board picture.

IMGP2381 IMGP2382 IMGP2385 IMGP2386 IMGP2387 IMGP2390

Farmer Mike showed the children the cows and calves in the shed and then told the children about his tractor and cultivator. The children really liked having a sit on the tractor.  We hope St Anthony’s will come again!