St Lawrence’s Primary School York – May 2017

On a beautiful sunny day in May, the Foundation children from St Lawrence’s Primary School came to Uncleby. Carolyn from the Country Trust had organised the visit with the school. It was the first time that the boys and girls had been to Uncleby and they seemed very excited.

In the morning the children split into three groups and completed a carousel of activities. Farmer Mike showed the children the cows and calves in the shed and then told the children about his tractor and cultivator. The children really liked having a sit on the tractor.

IMGP2428 IMGP2426  IMGP2407IMGP2404

Mrs Wray explained to the children how  food gets from the ‘Farm to the Fork.’ The children were combine harvesters (they separated the seed from the ears of corn) and they all had a turn at milling the wheat. At the end of the activity they played ‘pass the bag around the ring’ and decided which food came from which animal / plant.

20170518_115803 20170518_121721 20170518_115851 IMGP2413

The third activity was learning about different habitats in the countryside.

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After lunch we all went for a walk down Manor Farm dale. We looked out for different habitats along the way. We saw ant hills, mole hills, a badgers sett and lots of rabbit holes there was a tree which looked like an owl may live in it. The children collected things on their memory sticks and they said this would remind them of what they had seen at the farm.

20170518_133640 IMGP2432 IMGP2436 IMGP2434

Another super day was had by all.