Wetwang Primary School – October 2016

On a beautiful day in October the children from Wetwang came to Uncleby. They had a long walk down Manor Farm dale collecting berries, leaves, sheep wool, etc in their bags. They went all the way to far end of the dale and some of the children walked up the side!imgp2091 imgp2094 imgp2095

After the walk the children used the things that they had collected to make clay sculptures.

imgp2103 imgp2101 imgp2099 imgp2098

In the afternoon the children did some scratch art in the education centre.

imgp2108 imgp2105

Finally they went into the field below the education centre and made some fantastic dens.

imgp2118 imgp2116 imgp2114

Lots of tired, muddy but very happy children then went home to enjoys the rest of the half term holiday.

” A wonderful informative day with glorious views. A place where the children can enjoy nature around them”.