Beverley Minster School – MAY 2018

Sixty Year 4 children from Beverley Minster School came to Uncleby. A very busy day was planned with lots of activities for the children to complete. Farmer Mike took the children for a walk down Manor Farm dale. He said the children were really well prepared and asked lots of questions about the environment and farming. Farmer Mike likes questions!

At the Education Centre the children completed a carousel of activities. They baked some biscuits using Farmer Mikes porridge oats and flour.

IMGP2826 IMGP2823 IMGP2822 IMGP2821

Sandra from Countryside Learning showed the children how to make a corn dolly.

IMGP2831 IMGP2832 IMGP2834

For the last activity the children made a pot from newspaper and planted a seed.

IMGP2828 IMGP2829

Ms Morgan said ‘ The facilities are excellent, all the workshops fully resourced. A warm welcome was given with knowledgeable staff’.’