Malton School – March 2018

The Reception children from Malton School came to Uncleby. The teachers said they were very excited about their visit.. We got busy straight away!

Everyone went for a lovely walk down Farmer Mike’s dale, we stopped off in the cattle shed to look at the cows and calves.

IMGP2745 IMGP2744

The children were very good at answering Farmer Mike’s questions…

IMGP2751 IMGP2748

Just before lunch the boys and girls had a look at the plough and then had a sit on the tractor. One little boy said ‘that was awesome.’

IMGP2758 IMGP2756

After lunch the children did some artwork. They did an ‘art attack’ activity using reources from the countryside.

IMGP2782 IMGP2780 IMGP2771 IMGP2770 IMGP2769 IMGP2759

They also did some clay sculptures on the wall outside the education centre.

IMGP2774 IMGP2775 IMGP2773 IMGP2765 IMGP2766 IMGP2767

Just before the children went home we popped over to see Bev’s hens and horses.

IMGP2786 IMGP2787


Miss Glass said ‘The children were thoroughly engaged and experienced a lot of new things to develop their knowledge and understanding’

Mrs Ring said ‘Another lovely visit, thank you’