Market Weighton Infant School – July 2018

Market Weighton Infant School was the last school to visit Uncleby for the 2017-2018 academic year. What beautiful weather it was too, perhaps even a little too hot on the Thursday. The children had been learning about ‘Traditional tales’ so we included this theme into their visit. Following a little talk in the centre we all went for a walk through Manor Farm fields.We looked at the cattle in the shed, heard the sheepdogs barking in the yard. Farmer Mike led the walk and answered all the children’s (and adults) questions.

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We also saw Farmer Geoff and asked him what he was going to be doing today. The children looked at and touched the fleeces of wool from Geoff”s sheep. They were all in big bags ready to go to the textile mills. The children sang ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’.

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On the Thursday the children were very lucky to see the sheep being sheared. It was very very hot, I think the sheep were relieved to get their ‘jackets’ off!

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After lunch the children divided into three groups and completed a carousel of activities. In the kitchen the children made biscuits for Little Red Riding Hood to take to Grandma’s house. They also learnt about harvesting wheat and milling it to make flour, just like the Little Red Hen did in the story.

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In the hall the children used resources from around the farm to make houses fro the Three Little Pigs. The resources included straw, twigs, sheep wool, corn,stones and pine cones.

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Outside Farmer Mike talked about his tractor and how the ‘bale wrapper’ on the back worked. Then all the boys and girls took it in turns to sit in his tractor.

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The teachers said that the children had loved the visit to Uncleby. They had learnt a lot about the farm and had enjoyed doing the activities that were linked to their theme of traditional stories. They said the visit was well organised and well delivered with excellent facilities. Thank you!