Pocklington Infant School – MAY 2018

The Key Stage 1 children from Pocklington Infant School came to Uncleby over two days in May. Both days were lovely and sunny. perfect for lots of outdoor activities.

The children completed an A-Z sheet. they had to identify something that they could hear, see or smell that began with each letter of the alphabet, (except ‘x’ that could be the final phoneme!). There were lots of good ideas including undulating hills, zigzag leaves,bird box etc etc

Farmer Mike led the children on a walk looking at  ‘habitats and physical features’. They saw a badgers sett, rabbit burrow,bird boxes, mole hills, ant hills, tree holes ( the children thought that an owl or a squirrel may live in these) and of course the stream.

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At the centre the children used pastel chalks and oil pastels to draw a landscape picture. They sat outside on the veranda to complete their pictures.

IMGP2847 IMGP2845

In the kitchen the children made rhubarb scones using the rhubarb that they had grown in school.

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We used Farmer Mike’s flour and we talked about milling the wheat. The children took turns to ‘mill the corn’ like Mike does at his farm.

A great time was had by all. A member of Badgers class said ” This has been the best day of my life” Mrs Smith said ” the activities were well linked to the curriculum with lots of ‘awe and wonder’ popped in!” Comments of ‘this is amazing’ and ‘It’s the best day ever’ came from Foxes class. Dr Bartram said “It was an excellent visit that the pupils really enjoyed. The staff were very friendly.”  Mrs White said ” A lovely environment with great facilities and helpful adults.”