Pocklington Infant CE VC School Oct 2017

The Foundation Stage children from Pocklington came to Uncleby on a cloudy day in October

Catherine Inglis was there to meet them and the children watched carefully as she painted a picture of Meg the sheepdog. She even let some of the children help her to finish the picture.

IMGP2590 IMGP2588 IMGP2587 IMGP2585

When Cath had finished the children used oil pastels to draw pictures of farm animals and they did some ‘art attack’ pictures of the farm. They used resources from the farm like sheep wool, stones, crab apples, straw etc.

IMGP2597IMGP2599   IMGP2601IMGP2595

The children also went for a walk down the fields they saw the sheep and the cattle in the shed.

IMGP2594 IMGP2593 IMGP2591 IMGP2592

The teachers said that the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were very excited to see the animals. The children said “This is good” and ” I like it here.” Another lovely day a Uncleby