St Anthony’s Hull – MAY 2018

The Year 3 children from St Anthony’s School came to Uncleby on a glorious day in May.

The children were very excited about their visit to Uncleby and were keen to get on with the day. After a welcome talk we all went for a walk down Manor Farm dale. We had enough time to walk right to the end to ‘Billy Goat Gruffs’ bridge.

IMGP2793 IMGP2794 IMGP2796 IMGP2798 IMGP2799 On the way back we popped in to see the ‘Pet Lambs’. Farmer Geoff let the children stroke one.

IMGP2805 IMGP2804

After lunch the children completed a carousel of activities. They baked some biscuits in the kitchen using Farmer Mikes flour and porridge oats. They took it in turns to mill the wheat.


Sandra from Countryside Learning showed the boys and girls how to make a corn dolly. They found it quite tricky but they all managed to make one to take home.

IMGP2818 IMGP2811

Farmer Mike showed the children his tractor and the implement he had on the back. He said they asked lots of good questions.

IMGP2810 IMGP2808

A super day was had by all.