St Lawrence’s Primary School York – Nov 2017

On a bright sunny day in November the Year 3 children from St Lawrence’s School came to Uncleby. Anna Hare from the Country Trust had organised their visit. The children had been learning about new inventions at school and wanted to include this in their visit to the farm.

The children divided into two groups and one group went for a walk down Manor Farm dale. They looked at the cows and the sheep dogs on the way through the farm yard. Farmer Mike told the children all about the cows and what they eat and lie on. We know the children were good listeners because when they were making their models they could answer Anna & Elaine’s questions. Well done Farmer Mike!

In the education centre the children worked with Anna to make models of ‘animals and machines’ that they invented. They used clay and other resources from the farm and countryside. There were some super ideas.

IMGP2647 IMGP2646 IMGP2645

Working with Elaine the children used the apples that they had collected on the walk with Mike to make models. They also had a turn using the apple ‘peeler and corer’ machine. Again there were some super models with lots of detail.

IMGP2632IMGP2651 IMGP2633

When all of the models were complete the children shared them. They talked about what they had done and told the other boys and girls the names that they had given their models.

IMGP2653 IMGP2656 IMGP2654 IMGP2671

It was lovely to have Lucy from ‘Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil’ visit Uncleby too. She told the children how they make the oil on the farm at Thixendale. Lucy showed the children the seeds and the ‘by product’ that is called meal and fed to the cows.


IMGP2663 IMGP2661

IMGP2664 IMGP2660

Lucy left a bag for every child with a bottle of oil and a cupcake recipe in it. There was also a colouring page for the children to complete and enter into a competition. The best one will win a prize! Good luck boys and girls.

Another super day at Uncleby, with everyone learning something new. The teacher Mrs Grand – Scrutton said “It’s an experience that every child should have as part of going to school. I’m so happy that they could come”