Stamford Bridge Primary School – March 2018

The children from Stamford Bridge Primary School came to Uncleby in March. The first day the weather was horrid snowy and wet. The second day it was frosty and sunny!

The children completed similar activities over the two days. All the children went on a walk with Farmer Mike. Even though it was very muddy and a little bit slippery in Mikes dale, everyone enjoyed the walk.

IMGP2731IMGP2729 IMGP2726IMG_3683






In the Education centre the children completed a carousel of activities. They used the mill to grind the wheat and then they made some biscuits in the kitchen.

IMGP2718 IMGP2716 IMGP2701 IMGP2708IMG_3693

They children did some fantastic ‘Art Attack’ pictures using resources that can be found on the farm.

IMGP2705 IMGP2704 IMGP2703 IMGP2719 IMGP2720IMG_3699

They also learnt about ‘Food & Farming’. I think EVERYONE learnt SOMETHING!


Teacher quotes… ‘What a fantastic visit, a beautiful place to come to.’  ‘Fantastic staff very well geared up for schools’ ‘ A well organised day with excellent facilities. All the children have had a wonderful day and have learnt a lot about farming thanks to the hands-on, real life experience’