On a very cold day in February Wetwang Youth Group came to Uncleby. Cath Inglis also came and did an amazing pastel painting of a hare. Everyone was enthralled.She asked for volunteers to add detail to her picture.

IMGP2676 IMGP2674 IMGP2680 IMGP2678

Following Cath’s demonstration the children ‘had a go’ using some pastel chalks that Cath had very kindly donated to the education centre. Thank you so much Cath. There are some budding artists at Wetwang I am sure you will agree.

IMGP2683 IMGP2681

We decided to go for a walk down Manor Farm dale before the rain and snow came. We went all the way to ‘Billy Goat Gruffs bridge. We also had a look at the cattle as we passed.

IMGP2688 IMGP2685

When we got back from the walk it was lunch time. The children then completed their artwork, adding final details.

IMGP2691IMGP2692IMGP2689 IMGP2693 IMGP2694

To round off the day Sandra from Countryside Learning showed the children how to sow sweet pea seeds. Everyone sowed the seeds in a container, they took them home to look after and watch the flowers grow. I hope they remember to water them!

IMGP2699 IMGP2698

Just before the children got onto the bus Farmer Mike took the children to see some cows and calves in his shed. It was pouring down by this time.

A great day was had by all…

John said ” the staff were very helpful and friendly as usual. The visit was a good opportunity for the children to experience nature and the real world, away from social media and an X Box!”