The Foundation Stage children from Pocklington Infants School came to Uncleby on a lovely warm October day. Their focus for the day was “Mini Beasts and Harvest”. Farmer Mike and Mrs Wray had lots of activities organised for them.

The children used natural resources from the countryside to make “Bug Hotels”

IMGP3267 IMGP3266

They made clay sculptures of mini beasts and stuck them onto the wall. Again they used natural resources including some that they had collected on their walk with Farmer Mike.

IMGP3263  IMGP3271IMGP3269IMGP3295

The children turned into “explorers” and went on a bug hunt, they found ladybirds, spiders, snails, flies and a woodlouse.

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Farmer Mike took the children for a walk in Manor Farm fields. They looked at the berries in the hedgerow and collected some resources to use in their artwork. They looked at the cows and saw Molly the sheepdog in the farmyard too. Most of the children had a sit on Farmer Mike’s tractor.

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A super day was had by all. One little girl told an adult that she had ‘seen a beautiful view and it was like being on top of the world!’

Mrs Piggott said ” That there were some well organised, fun, learning activities for the children to complete in a lovely local setting”  Miss Fry said ” The children loved being outside and taking part in all of the activities, especially collecting things in the field during their walk” .