The Year 1 & 2 children from Stamford Bridge School came to Uncleby. The weather was perfect unlike their visit last year when it was cold and very wet. On Tuesday the children walked down Manor Farm dale with Farmer Mike, they collected lots of resources to use when making their mini beast sculptures. They also completed a carousel of activities at the education centre.They made some fantastic “Bug Hotels” using resources from the countryside like bark, twigs, pine cones, wool stones etc.

IMGP3149 IMGP3143 IMGP3132IMGP3112  IMGP3106 IMGP3125

They also made some mini beast sculptures using clay.

IMGP3141 IMGP3118





The other activity was a bug hunt, the children used the magnifying glasses to look carefully at the mini beasts that they found and then they sketched them.

IMGP3101 IMGP3109IMGP3100 IMGP3113

On the Thursday Cath Inglis came to Uncleby and she showed the Year 1 children how to paint a landscape picture using pastel paints . Cath asked some children to help her finish the painting.

IMGP3153 IMGP3155 IMGP3156 IMGP3160 IMGP3162 IMGP3163

Then it was the children’s turn and what super pictures they did too.

IMGP3167 IMGP3177 IMGP3178IMGP3179

The children also did a clay sculpture and went on a bug hunt in the field.

IMGP3172 IMGP3190IMGP3192

After lunch all the children went for a walk down Manor Farm dale. They looked at the animals, and the berries that were growing in the hedgerows. They saw the badgers sett and they had some really good questions for Farmer Geoff when they saw him in the farmyard.

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The teachers said “the children had a lovely day and learnt a lot”   ” We have had a lovely day. Very well organised and a great location” “Fantastically planned and organised, the facilities are perfect ”  Mrs Bowes said ” Thank you – you make organising trips the easiest out anywhere we have been!”    It was lovely to see you again Stamford Bridge.