It was a lovely sunny day when the parents dropped the children off at Uncleby. They were very excited about the day. First of all Mrs Wray & Farmer Mike explained to them what they were going to be doing on the farm. We all set off on a walk down the dale. All the adults took a paper bag for the children to collect things into. The children found sheep wool, twigs, stones, different coloured leaves, berries, crab apples, and feathers. As we walked along we looked at different habitats and we tried to guess who might live in the holes in the tree trunks as well as in the tree roots. We also looked at the Badger’s Sett


IMGP3276 IMGP3218

After lunch we split into two groups to complete the activities. One group made Funny face biscuits with Mrs Wray. The other group did some collage farm pictures using the resources that the children had collected on the walk. Farmer Mike said they did some super pictures and could talk about them too.

Just before the children were collected they all had a look at, and a sit on Farmer Mikes tractor.

The teachers said  “It was a very well organised visit with knowledgeable leaders”  “It was a lovely day that the children and staff really enjoyed”