Health & safety

We place great importance on your safety during your visit to Uncleby Farm visits. Please read the following section carefully to ensure all group helpers are made aware of the necessary precautions.

As an outdoor facility there are a number of possible risks to health and safety of visitors. We have undertaken risks assessments specifically for educational visits and activities, copies of which will be given on your pre-visit. We strongly recommend that group leaders visit the site before a school visit to help with the preparation of their own risk assessments. In the event of an emergency during your visit please report immediately to a member of staff.

When visiting the farm:

  • Keep your hands away from your face, particularly your mouth and eyes
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after your farm visit and before eating
  • Cover any cut, graze or open wound with a waterproof plaster
  • Children must stay in their groups and be supervised at all times

Leaders and parents should consider whether some activities are suitable for students with asthma or allergies. Students  might also come into contact with fur, feathers, dust, hay and straw.

Animal related health risks

Please consult Preventing or Controlling ill health from animal contact at visitor attraction for more information.